Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What I've been up to!

Sunday was the big day for my friends Kevin & Chrystal. 

We arrived at the empty facility at 8 AM, and with a handful of teenagers and two adults, we transformed the space into this by noon.

My friend Jacquie made this magical winter wedding cake with fondant, truffles and snowflakes. 

It was amazing (and exhausting) to be part of such a wonderful event! 
I'll be back tomorrow with more pictures and updates on my Pantry Challenge progress.


Susan said...

WOW Tammy!!!! Beautiful.

tricia said...

It looks beautiful!

Sandra said...

The decorations looked so elegant and Crystal's dress she made is beautiful. You did a good job!!

Anonymous said...

This looks lovely! Where was this event? I love the pretty white table cloths. It looks beautiful! Kim B.