Saturday, January 9, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year???

I'll be busy helping out with final preparations for our friend's wedding, so this will be my last post until Monday, and I have several things to share!  First, congratulations to Kevin & Chrystal!

Here's the happy couple freezing outside the BOK the other night when we went ice skating outdoors.  Funny to think that next week they'll be lying on the beach in the Caribbean while I'm still here amidst the ice and snow!

 But alas, I regress.  On to the sales.

We hit Woodland Hills Mall today and there were bargains to be had just about everywhere! 

Bath & Body's Semi-Annual sale is going on.  Look online because there are probably coupons to combine with the sale prices (up to 75% off...).  This could make for some fantastic deals.  Of course, there is no more Twisted Peppermint, so I'm not too happy. 

JCPenney's has MANY racks of dresses marked down 70% off original prices.  I purchase a $90 dress for just over $20 today.  It's what I'll be wearing to the wedding, and I was happy I waited until the last minute to look.  They had a very good selection in most sizes.  Penney's also had lots of shoes on clearance, including boots, so if you need those, go early for the best selection.

One more store we shopped was New York & Company.  They had lots of 40% and 60% off, plus BOGO.5 sales.  We purchased some cute teen stuff here, which is top secret until after the wedding. Sshhh!

In other exciting news, I've been told by Princess Amy from 918CouponQueen's site, that CountryMart is now doubling coupons up to, but not including $1.00.  So, if you have a $0.75 coupon, I'm told it doubles.  I haven't tried it for myself, and probably won't be albe to until next week, so if anyone confirms this is true in Coweta, please let me know and I will post it here.

Since I'm so busy, I'm not doing the coupon match-ups this week for CountryMart, but here's the link for 918's match-up page. 

And finally, Coweta Walmart has marked down their Christmas to 75% off or more, and I found some really great deals for things like bells to use on the wedding reception tables.  HobbyLobby is also doing their Bridal Event this week, with 50% off on all their Bridal/Wedding supplies.  This includes the pillow mints that we all use for wedding or baby showers, so if you are planning any type of an event that uses these, now is probably the time to buy them!

Happy Shopping!


Susan said...

Was that a "misprint" about the "baby" shower mints in the "Bridal" sale? Of course in todays society!!!!!

a King's daughter said...

I meant to say "wedding or baby shower"! The point was, if you're having an event where you will need these in the next few months, now's the time to buy! I guess I better write my posts earlier in the day, and read them outloud. ;-)

Sandra said...

How funny about the mints. I've already hit Wal-Mart for some decorations. Didn't know about Bath and Body Works though.