Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pantry Challenge ~ Week 2 Update

We were quite busy last week preparing for the wedding, but still managed to do well with the Challenge.  My goal was $30 a week, and I'm happy to say that I finished under the budget, mainly because I was able to stretch what I had cooked to cover several meals. 

I must confess that we ate dinner Wednesday at the Bachelorette party, and Sunday's meals were all eaten at the facility, since we were there all day for prep and cleanup before and after the event.  School was cancelled Thursday and Friday because of the extreme cold, so we ate leftovers and potato soup with salad, which also lasted several days.

Overall, I spent $20.58 for the week on groceries and a little stockpiling, and $8.77 at ChickFilA for a missions fundraiser in which we participated.  I'm very pleased that we were able to stay under the budget!

Tonight, I took frozen turkey bones from Thanksgiving and made a simple turkey and rice soup with basil, the rest of the cheap shredded carrots and an onion.  It was filling enough to have with just a few crackers.

For lunch we had green salad with chicken breast I had fixed yesterday.  There were a few fresh strawberries left from the wedding, and we had those for dessert after our salad lunch, dipped in a small amount of chocolate.  What a treat!  We also brought home a little fresh pineapple and a cheese ball from the wedding, and have had that for snacks for the last few days.

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