Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I keep Fast Company, but it's not what you think. For about a year now, I've been subscribed to Fast Company Magazine, and there was an interesting letter from the editor, Robert Safian, in the March 2009 edition. Here's a snippet:

"You won't find Bernie Madoff in these pages. Or talk of another Great Depression. You won't find unemployment statistics or the word "bailout." We may discuss those topics in another issue, but this month, we pass.
It's not that we have our heads in the sand. We know how challenging the business environment is. In fact, that's exactly why we've tried to make this issue as upbeat and bursting with potential as we can. The one incontrovertible truth about this era: Only creativity and aggressive innovation -- in the face of hardship and layoffs and seriously tough choices -- will fuel a turnaround."

I've been a SAHM for many years, and until 2005, I operated my own profitable in~home business. Even though I have since disolved my S~corp, I keep my eye on the market, and try to stay current with innovations, politics and information. And, I run my household like a profitable business.

I also love to study and pray. I've been praying and pondering Luke 19:11-27 lately, which is about business, or the busy~ness of life. Whether we leave the house or not, we conduct "business" every day. Luke 19:13 says, "Occupy till I come...", and that's what we do when we keep home.

We are an occupying army of moms. But, what are we doing?

The Greek word here is #4231, pragmateuomai, from the root #4229 and literally means "to busy oneself with", to trade ~ occupy, to do business. This means, as a SAHM, I'm to busy myself with the business of homekeeping, managing my household budget, and to even make an income from cottage industry if I can.

The reason I decided to quote from the Editor's letter is that it struck a cord with me.

Am I employing my God given creativity and innovation to help my family prosper, regardless of the economic situation outside my four walls, or even within them?

After all, I'm not just a mother sitting at home eating bonbons and watching soap operas.

Some of the things I do to help my family prosper include gardening, couponing, budgeting, and practicing thrift where I can. I don't demand fancy clothes or expensive haircuts and mani~pedi's, although I do take care of my myself. I just choose to do it while making an effort to be responsible with my money and my time.

Blogging and reading blogs has helped me realize that there are other ways to be frugal as well. Repurposing, remaking, and being content regardless are just a few ways I'm helping insure my family doesn't have to participate in this so~called Recession, which, by the way, I'm not totally convinced is really happening since I can't get down 71st Street to the mall without fighting terrible traffic, and I still can't get a good parking place at Walmart or Target.

What ever became of the idea of checks and balances in the market, and corrections where spending is out of line, like Lehman's million dollar bonuses? Whatever happened to suffering consequences from poor decisions? Or, letting a business fall on it's face if it was not being run successfully?

Part of my Greed study has been to understand the true meanings of words we commonly use, but do not completely understand. One such example was the word business. which means to trade. Prosperity comes through trade. Luke 19:15 says so.

If I want prosperity, I have to handle trade or business correctly, with an excellent spirit and so forth. The business of everyday life must be much more important than we realize. Don't you think?


Susan said...

Great post Tammy!!! We must be totally responsible for the gifts and talents which God has given us and not be like the unfaithful servant.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, I am a BIG believer in being productive. This means myself as a SAHM, but also my kids. They can be taught while they're young the importance of being productive with their time.

I smiled at your reference to moms that eat bon bons and watch soaps, but it is unfortunate that there are moms out there that think that is what life is and are living it. Even Christian moms!