Sunday, January 18, 2009

Scheduling that works for me ~ part 2

Once I decided that two days a week would be enough "away from home" time, I had to change my thinking about errands like shopping and banking. And, I needed a better way to manage the time I had at home as well. I read lots of books on the subject, including Steven Covey's books, some Titus 2 Teri Maxwell stuff, Tightwad Gazette, and Living on a Dime. Every one of these titles has good things to offer, and the overall theme emerged that organization and planning were key to accomplishing "stuff".

And, you know what Rhonda says, "If you do stuff, stuff gets done."

So, I sat down with paper and pencil, and came up with a semi-routine that helps me keep things in order. What works for me might not work for you, so make adjustments and use the ideas as a guideline, not rules.

I believe the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, just like our traditional calendars are printed. (There are new ones printed that start on Monday and end on Sunday, but that makes no sense to me, so I don't buy those...even if they are cute {{Mary Engelbreit}})

Sunday's schedule would be:
  1. church ~
  2. Sunday dinner ~ sometimes with company invited from our church family
  3. coupons ~ Sunday paper first & then possibly to QT for the Sunday Oklahoman
  4. laundry ~
  5. cleaning ~ if necessary, since I'll be gone tomorrow afternoon.
  6. menu ~ need to plan ahead for tomorrow's supper, again, b/c I'll be out tomorrow.
  7. homework check ~ since co-op is Monday
  8. relax in the evening ~ there's a busy week ahead!

Monday's schedule would be:

  1. homeschool ~ Monday morning we do Algebra and Chemistry only. Usually, if we can fit it in we would also do Bible, but sometimes we can't. I try to stay flexible with the schedule, and it reduces the stress on everyone.
  2. quick lunch ~ leftovers if possible or a late breakfast of eggs and turkey bacon with toast.
  3. co-op ~ we do several classes at co-op including Chemistry and Literature. Dd also does tutor from time to time, when classmates need assistance.
  4. errands ~ while dd is in Chemistry, I hit the stores, library and bank. I plan my trips ahead of time, and have my coupons ready to use when I walk in the store. I try to always have a list of the stops I need to make, just so I don't forget one.
  5. home to clean/cook ~ need I say more?
  6. scrapbooking/fellowship ~ usually every Monday night, we have fellowship in my home and several friends come by for scrapbooking or crafting and tea. It's nice and helps me stay connected. I like that.

Tuesday's schedule:

  1. homeschool ~ we pretty much do school all day. We start at 9 in the schoolroom or over breakfast if we are going to do our reading first. We usually start with subjects we do together, like Bible and History, then dd moves into her independent subjects and I have time to clean up and start the laundry, etc as needed.
  2. Volunteering ~ once a month, we volunteer for Blue Star Mothers. We like the opportunity to serve our Military as they make so many sacrifices for us.
  3. Homeschool meetings ~ once a month, on another week from our service projects, we attend the CHEER mother's meetings. These ladies are the best, and I learn so much from the teaching and friendships here.

Wednesday's schedule:

  1. homeschool ~ If there's a day when I could stay in my pjs, this is it! We mirror Tuesday's school schedule, focusing on History reading and projects today.
  2. deep cleaning ~ This is the main reason I could stay in pajamas! I love to clean my house in the my jammies, and I do things like clean the bathroom and change the sheets today.
  3. fridge ~ I also clean out the fridge, EVERY WEDNESDAY, because I hate disgusting plastic containers full of who-knows-what in the fridge! It also helps me see what I need to add to my shopping list, since I'll be in town on Thursday anyway. I either discard, freeze or use things for the evening meal. Period. It's just easier that way.
  4. menu planning ~ on the calendar I mentioned earlier, I plan my menu. I mostly plan dinners, and hubby's lunches, and then dd and I eat whatever is left, plus any of the fruits and veggies we want.
  5. shopping list ~ check fridge, freezer, menu, and pantry. Usually the shopping list is almost done by today, since I keep a note pad on the fridge and write things down as I realize I need them. That way, it doesn't take long to review and add any last minute items I need.

Thursday's schedule ~

  1. homeschool ~ in the morning we're at home, so dd will work on Chemistry or Algebra alone and I will check Hot Coupon World for any last minute things I need to know before we head to co-op. I do make a seperate envelope for each store, like Target and Walgreens, and have those in a pocket in my coupon binder. Prior to today, I've clipped all my coupons, and pulled the ones I will need for a particular deal, and put them in the envelope for that store.
  2. co-op ~ again, sister goes to Chemistry or Literature and I run my errands.
  3. dinner ~ I try to utilize my crockpot on Monday and Thursday, since those are the days I'm not home much to cook. Soups, fajitas, baked potatoes, etc, all do really well in the crock-pot, and it is nice to get home and smell dinner cooking already!

Friday's schedule:

  1. homeschool ~ Friday is a good day to review the work completed, and update any records/record grades, etc. I like to keep an academic calendar like this one on which I write the attendance record for the whole year, along with any notes for service projects, awards or accomplishments of merit. This makes assembling the transcript and keeping track of our 180 school days alot simpler. I usually obtain my calendar free from my husband, who gets samples from salesmen. You might be able to do the same.
  2. Finish!!!! ~ anything we haven't accomplished by today takes first priority. God finished all His work on Friday, and rested on Saturday and I think it's a good pattern to follow, so that's my goal. Anything not done by Friday evening probably won't get touched until Sunday afternoon. Really.

Saturday's schedule:

  1. Rest.
  2. Eat simply, from the fridge, pantry or fresh fruits, etc., that require minimal prep.

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