Saturday, July 26, 2008

I attended a baby shower today at my church. I seem to be an oddity there, because I am the only homeschooling mom there, and quite possibly the only woman who has chosen mothering as her permanent, full time profession.

Someone was asking me a variety of questions today, like, "What do you do that takes up so much of your time?" And, "Does your daughter plan on going to college?" I was doing my best to answer in a humble and calm manner, even though the questions were intended to convey disapproval from the one asking them!

When the person asked what my daugther planned to study in college, I told her that I wasn't sure yet, because I believed mothering would be my daughter's chosen profession also, to which the astonished woman replied, "Oh! Just a mother?" I smiled and said, "Yes, just like me." She quickly laughed and repeated what I said, then changed the subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been pondering the conversation every since. Just a mother. JUST A MOTHER. My full time job is to diligently train and care for others. It requires me to stretch and grow in ways I never thought possible, and to put myself last, to humble myself in every possible way, and to sacrifice to see others achieve their God-given potential, which makes me achieve my own. It requires obedience to God's call and a constant refocusing to His Word and His mission for my life, and the lives of those I influence. What I'm doing is IMPORTANT!!!!!

When I stand before Christ, I won't have to tell him I processed paperwork to get a paycheck, (although if that's what God called you to do, do it to the glory of God!). I'll have to answer for my deeds, for my diligence to study, teach, train, lead, and care for this little household He has given me. What a task and great calling it is to be "just a mother"!

So today, as you read this, whatever you are facing, just remember, there is another woman out there who may be just a mother, but she is pulling for you, praying for you, and cheering you on to victoriously walk out the call of God in your life! What mothers do is important. Just think how important it was for Mary to be willing to be "just a mother"!


Kim said...

I believe you ROCK as a mother!

Jen said...

Hi Tammy, you are the winner of the snowflake challenge. To claim your prize please email me your address at