Saturday, January 12, 2008

She looks well to the ways of her household...Proverbs 31

Who is this Proverbs 31 woman? What does she look like? Where do you find her? How do you become her? I pondered this thought ~ wondered, searched, read, studied even. I hoped and dreamed for her influence in my life.

And recently I have found her. Discovered her actually, for she was here all the time.

She is my friend.

She is the friend who prays with me when I call out in tears ~ she is the one on her knees when I don't say a word. She hears both my spoken and unspoken heart thoughts.

She is the "secret sister" who left presents on my doorstep during Hanukkah, and tucked a little money into my hand during my husband's unemployment. She joined me for dinner out, to exchange small tokens lovingly made with her own hands, and then insisted on paying for my meal.

She comes for tea and truffles, and takes me out for cheesecake and chinese food. She feels welcome in my home and visits often. She knows the silverware drawer, and offers to help me wash the dishes. She is part of the family I have chosen for myself.

She is a refuge for me, a safe person who holds my secrets and never uses them against me. She understands my faults and weaknesses, and loves me through them.

She is honest with me, unafraid of the truth or of expressing it. She is accountability to me. She and I are likeminded.

She is a strong, powerful person, full of light. She loves the Lord, and is full of His Spirit, His goodness. She is content at home, loving her family, and ministering to all with an outstretched hand. She is obedient to the Word. She turns my daily life into a holy experience.

She is my neighbor, my scrapbook buddy, the leader of my homeschool group. I see her in the grocery store, the library, and at the mall. I read her blog.

She is young and old, all shapes and sizes, and the rainbow colors her face. She is you, and you, and you, and she is me, if I let her be.

I'm learning to celebrate the Proverbs 31 woman ~ not for the sake of woman, for "male and female-He created them both." But because of the impact she has made in my life, I make tokens, adornments, small reminders that someone thinks of her in this way.

I share them. They are gifts from my heart and my hands. I'm choosing to make them available too, to bless my family with provision, and to bless you with a gift for yourself, or for the Proverbs 31 women in your life.

I use Sarah Sporrer's Indygo Junction By Wisdom a House is Built pattern and my own materials, handstitching everything except the front binding seam. I use wools, cottons, osnaburg and linens; scraps and stitches lovingly pieced with prayer.

The finished product varies, so no two are exactly the same; just like us they are all unique, though not original, but a reflection, an altered copy, a likeness in design. They are simple, primitive, homespun reminders of His Word hung on our walls for all to see and remember.

I pray they are a blessing to all who recieve them. The finished size of each hand quilted wall hanging is 13 x 17 inches. Prices are $40 local pick-up or shipped price is $44. Gift packaging service is available for a nominal fee. You may reply to me with your email for current stock photos.

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Thank you for the encouraging words and for entering my giveaway. God bless!