Monday, February 9, 2009

Bunco Valentines!

Our little Bunco group decided to exchange Valentines this year, and since there are almost 40 of us in the group, I needed an inexpensive alternative to the useless little boxed cards from the discount stores.

After looking through my scrapbooking leftovers, I chose to make Valentines bookmarks. I decided on 1.5 inch widths for most of the bookmarks, but did make adjustments for some scrap pieces that were just a tad wider. I cut several lengths, double matted and embellished with snips cut with decorative scissors.

Next, I decorated with stickers picked up on clearance a few years back for .35 cents a package. I purchased 2 spools of coordinating ribbon from HobLob, on sale last week for 50% off and embellished each one of the bookmarks.

The ribbon was $2, the stickers were about $1, and the scraps were free. I think they turned out very pretty, and everyone was pleased receive something fun and functional.

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Cindy said...

This is a great idea. How cute. I wish I had the time to make this. Mabe next year.