Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentines EverAfter

As part of my frugal Valentines celebration, I decided to seek out a good deal on a DVD for the family. One of our favorites, EverAfter, is available at Target right now for $7.50. There was an internet printable available a few weeks back for $2 off this DVD, so for $5.50 (or less if you have coupons that can give overage on your other Target items), you can replace an old VHS, like I did, with this DVD.

There were other DVD IP coupons, but I couldn't find any of those movies at my Target. The 50th Anniversary Edition of An Affair To Remember has a $3 IP, but I've been told that those DVDs are only available online. I find that funny since the manufacturer has issued an IP, so try looking for those and you just might get lucky. This is also a family favorite movie for us, and would make a super romantic Valentines gift.

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