Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pile VS File, and other organizational thoughts...

We're having an e~loop discussion right about children, room cleaning, motivation and the frustrations of being the moms of messies. No one idea works for everyone, and since it seems to some degree we are always in "flux", we moms have to be willing to adapt.

I admit that my dd16 has some messie habits that she inherited from me. I'm a project kind of gal, and I can really make a "nest" when I'm being creative. I'll fess up right now and tell you that although this is her current middle of the livingroom mess (see incriminating photo below), she got it from me.

My friend Shannon at All Things Health made a comment that struck me. She said, "But I know he gets it from me, I am the pile sort of person, rather than file. I know where to find things, in my piles." Yikes! That's me. I'm so guilty, but I'm trying to change.

This extreme couponing thing I've been doing lately is a blessing to many families, including my own, but it seems to take on a life of it's own from time to time, and generates more messie piles than I care to admit. I've tried several things like baskets, binders, and piles, but so far, nothing has worked consistently.

This weekend I took the time to rearrange my office area, and during the process it occurred to me that I might try filing, in temporary files, those things that end up on my desk that I cannot immediately process. So, I made these, which are also featured above:

The files are nothing fancy, just brown and green folders from Staples, but I inked the edges and cut tags from some pretty rose printed scrapbook papers. I'll give this a try and see if it helps me stay a bit more organized.

What tips or tricks do you use to keep your nest tidy?


Anonymous said...

I was very tickled to read your blog tonight and find a quote from me! :)

I am trying to change my habits, too!

As for the coupons I have a semi-decent system. I didn't want to spend any money on it, so I didn't do the baseball card holders like Kristi, but like her, I have them sorted by type--groceries, makeup, batteries, and so on.

I have them split out into as many categories as I can so that each pile isn't huge. I then put each category into its own envelope.


Brandy said...

Ok I'm just now reading this so...yeah. I totally nest when I'm scrapping too! I have all three drawers of my desk full of stickers and scissors and pens and ribbon (you do remember where I work and then all my paper is under my bed. And when I finally scrap, I sit between the two and pull everything out. I'm very And also a pack-rat. I never throw anything away. And instead of using a full size sheet of paper behind another for a nice little border, I chop out the middle so I can use it for something else. So