Thursday, August 7, 2008

(quote from Dave Ramsey, who has to say it nearly every day!)

Every woman craves security. We love to be loved and protected, whether we will admit it or not. Most women will not.

Recently, on a visit to the Sherwin Miller Museum of Jewish Art, I was again captivated by the beauty of the marriage covenant. The Jewish, more than Christians, honor the marriage covenant with beautiful, artistic documents commemorating the wedding day, and the covenant between the parties. This beautiful picture is just one example of thousands that have been made and displayed over hundreds of years of this traditional document.

What impresses me even more than the beauty, though, is the wisdom behind the document. This is what the museum had posted about the Ketubah:

Ketubah ~ Marriage covenant or contract

The Ketubah lays out the rights of the wife (to monetary payments upon termination of the marriage by death or divorce) and obligations of the husband (providing food, shelter, clothing and ***ual satisfaction to the wife).

The Ketubah would serve as immediate protection for the wife, since the contract would essentially act as a will in the event of the spouse’s death, and would be put in place at the time of the legal marriage ceremony.

It would also afford the woman the security she craves, since she would know entering into the marriage, where she stood financially and how she would be treated in the event there was a tragedy (death or divorce).

This would instantly make her “security gland” as Dave Ramsey calls it, relax, thereby allowing her to freely enter the marriage with husband’s best interests in mind, able to love and serve him without a question for her own security (because it had been planned beforehand).

We're updating our will this week, and this post is meant to be an encouragement to get a will, "it's just what you're supposed to do!".

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