Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shelf clearing!

Be warned.  I'm about to rant.

I went to Walgreens today to find that someone had come in and purchased a WHOLE BUGGIE full of the Kleenex tissues on sale this week for $1.09, but featured a deal I mentioned last post.  I assume this person had no idea that shelf clearing is greedy, not to mention extremely rude. 

I was told by a disgusted Walgreens employee that they couldn't stop the woman, or set a limit, because she had 5 kids with her, and could have each child go to the checkout with a limit of three.  We couponers have enough trouble keeping a good relationship with the employees without this type of behavior adding to the mix.

If you coupon, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't be a greedy girl!  Please don't buy a buggie full of a good deal.  There will be more than enough for each of us, and YOU will be blessed if you are disciplined in your gathering. 



Rhonda in OK said...

I went to the Stillwater Wags Friday and did not expect to find any. The testing nurse people were there and had the coupon book needed and the store had a huge amount of the ultra soft kleenex. There were several other obvious coupon shoppers there but they did not seem to know about the deal.

I checked out once with all my stuff to use the $5/25 coupon and bought 6.
While I putting my stuff in the car trunk, I talked myself into getting a few more kleenex.
I ended up with 15 total - should last us a long time.

And I thought about going back tonight, Sat. to see if there were any left on the last day of the sale but decided my 15 would be enough.

Thanks for telling us about the deal - and aren;t you glad I didn't clear the shelf? :)

a King's daughter said...

Rhonda, I am proud of you!!! And so glad you were able to take advantage of the deal. Every time I think about clearing a shelf, I see (in my mind) the "greedy girl" picture I posted and it keeps me in check! LOL