Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Finishing Strong

The year's end is approaching quickly.  I recently attended two seminars (which accounts for my lack of posting!) and in both, I have been inspired to both start new projects and to finish current ones.  My goals for this week are to continue my posts on the homeschool classroom, to begin my Finishing List for 2009 and to begin my preparations for the holidays.

Looking over the calendar, the next few weeks will be very busy, and now more than ever, it will be important to be organized and prepared for what is ahead.  Otherwise, I will not make any traction.

Rather than enter this hectic time of year in a state of panic, I am choosing the ways of peace.  I refuse to jump on the wheel with all the rats in their own race!  Instead, I will run the race, with patience, that He has set before me, for I am looking unto Jesus, who is the Author and Finisher of my faith.  (See, finishing is of Him!)

I am committed to continue schooling on a daily basis, even when "life" wants to creep in and push school work to the side.  I know it must be done.  We are making good progress and will complete what our hands have found to do.

I will take the time to prepare nourishing, hot, homemade meals for my family and we will eat them at the family altar, the dinner table.  I will spend time doing that which I enjoy, and what is precious and important.  I will be inspired and I will inspire.  And I will complete what I have begun.

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tricia said...

It is so easy to get distracted by the world. I like the things you are committing to. I have better days when I pray and ask God to help me focus on what He wants me to accomplish each day.