Saturday, August 8, 2009

Turtle Power!

I keep telling myself, "Slow and steady wins the race!" That's how the kitchen will get done, I suppose. In a perfect world, we would have already finished. But this world is far from perfect.

Still I'm glad to see those appliances disappearing, even if it is only one at a time!

I hated that laminate backsplash we used to have. It served it's purpose but I needed something more my style.

Now, we have beadboard. It was so inexpensive, only $10 because we purchased a damaged piece. We measured and planned carefully, and did the entire kitchen from one piece!

Just as we were preparing to do the backsplash, the microwave quit working. Each time we have been ready, or almost ready to take the next step, an appliance dies. It's like they know...

So, I picked out the microwave I liked, which was purchased from Lowe's at $248 including tax. We saved $100 by installing it ourselves, which was a cinch.

Then, the fridge died. That was a big deal, because I had done some window shopping, but hadn't decided what to purchase since we had a small space.

The configuration of my cabinets at 68 3/4 high, coupled with the wall on the right of the space made it difficult to find a fridge that would work. We ended up with a 22 cubic foot Whirlpool side by side, mostly because it would fit in the space. Special order.

A 25 cubic foot would have been cheaper, but because it just wouldn't fit the space, we had to go with the smaller. I was excited the day it was installed, and all my friends came to see it, just like I had a new baby or something. LOL

By day two, I was thinking, "Okay, it's just a fridge. It keeps things cold. Yipee." How quickly we move on to the next thing!

So, the range is now an orphan, counting it's numbered days. And the cabinets look so shabby next to these new appliances, that they'll just have to have attention as well.

It's a domino effect...


Susan said...

When you start redecorating and fixing up it's like that. For everything you do there are many others that pop up. You're doing great and Slow & Steady does win the race.

Queen B. said...

oooooo ! great post.
As soon as I get my new camera, I will post our backsplash.
You are right ! We have very similar kitchens !
Hubby surprised me and ordered the fridge I wanted... I chose the Samsung, freezer bottom in white.
I love stainless steel, but my stove and dishwasher are already white.