Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I need to repent!

In the spirit of honesty, I need to say that I purchased 24 pounds of unsalted butter on Tuesday.

Yes, I said 24 pounds.

Remember my post about cutting the grocery budget for the next two weeks, to help pay for the fridge? Well, I put God in a box.

It was totally wrong of me to assume that since my funds were tight, I wouldn't be able to stockpile or garage sale. His strength is made perfect in my weakness.

So when I was at the grocery store today to pick up some free salad for dinner, I asked the dairy manager to mark down some of the items on clearance. I offered to buy them all, and he marked them, 7 packages of Buitoni pasta from 75 cents to 25 cents.! So, I became bold!!!

I asked if he had anything else he would be marking down tomorrow, and I'm glad I did. I walked out of the store with 24 packages of unsalted butter for 75 cents a piece! I was shocked. Young mothers were following me around in the store, wondering why I was getting the royal treatment. And, they were watching me fill my cart, then going behind me to grab some for themselves!!

The kind dairy manager also gave me a tip about OM turkey bacon on clearance for 99 cents in the meat department, so I purchase some for myself, a friend, and a neighbor in need. And, I left some for others. I don't want to be this girl:

On the way home, I was reminded about my blog post, and realized that the smaller my budget, the bigger the opportunity for God to provide abundantly for me. And He sure did!

This is what I've stockpiled so far this summer, including the last four items this week:
40 pounds of granulated sugar
4 pounds of brown sugar
4 pounds of powdered sugar
2 buckets of hard red wheat
25 packages shredded cheese

24 cups of shredded zucchini

20 pounds of butter

5 pounds of turkey bacon
5 packages of ravoili

Here's a link to a yummy looking recipe using zucchini for lasagna. I'll be making this with the free cheese from the cheese deal a few weeks back, and some of the zucchini from my backyard.


Susan said...

Loved this post!!!!

Anonymous said...

Man...where's my butter? LOL! Good for you---or should I say, Praise God! Maybe both! I'm glad for you. So happy you got the fridge installed and that God has abundantly blessed you! :-)

Your garden produce is lovely. I missed having our own garden this year. Perhaps next year we'll garden again. We're planning to at any rate.


Rhonda in OK said...

I want to shop where you shop. Just think of all the Christmas cookies you can bake.

Queen B. said...

Oh my gosh. First, let me say you are amazing. You have totally inpsired me ...
Ok.... I just posted some pics of my kitchen makeover. My camera died, so I"ll have to continue next week.
Also, my GE fridge is not working, so I NEED NEW REFRIGERATOR TOO !
What did you end up getting ???
The link wouldn't work when I clicked on it.
Thanks !!

Queen B. said...

oh, and your gossip bench ?
That is the cutest thing ever !
You better believe I will buy a gosspip bench the next time I see one, and it will be the first piece of furniture I have ever painted, all because of your post !
toooooooooo cute !!!