Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Gospel: Just so you know...

...we're not starving! This is today's harvest from my little backyard garden.
"He who does not work, does not eat..." Therefore, he who works will have something to eat!

I've been busy grinding wheat and making Bosch bread, and banana bread, for which I had ingredients in the pantry.

I stocked up on taco seasoning a while back, when the packets were free after a sale/coupon combination. To save on space and to extend the shelf life, I emptied the packets into a quart sized glass jar. When I need this seasoning, I use a premeasured amount that I have marked on the jar. I love the convenience of storing in glass jars, and I reused what I already had, so it didn't cost a thing. Glass extends the life of spices by quite a bit, so I have tried to transfer most of my spices to that type of jar.

Some of the heirloom lemon cucumbers have gone to the neighbors, and some have been cut and combined with vinegar and onions for a yummy side dish for dinner. I picked about 15 today, and there were some on the other side of the fence that I just couldn't reach. I did let the neighbor know to pick all he wanted that were on his side of the fence. This is the same neighbor whose guest kept jumping my fence, so I was glad of an opportunity to bless him in the hopes he would remember me kindly the next time we had an issue...
Tomorrow I need to cook up some garbanzo beans to make a cuke salad with garbanzos.

The Poblano peppers have been cut and measured, and are in the freezer waiting to be used in Tortilla Soup.

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JANE4girls said...

I didn't know about prolonging the life of spices by storing them in glass jars. Thank you for the tip!