Thursday, June 4, 2009


I've been incorporating ferns in our landscape and in our house lately. I like the light, airy look and the soft green adds a calming effect to our surroundings.

My local Lowe's in Broken Arrow has ferns on clearance for 50 cents, so I stocked up yesterday. Since this will probably be my last planting for the season, I splurged and purchased a few of the larger ones on sale for $1.50 as well, to fill in the space behind the swing on the front porch. The area is always shaded, so these will work perfectly there.
I just love those coppery pink leaves on the large fern above. It's called Autumn something, but I'm not sure what because I failed to pick up one with a tag...

Here's the moth that visited yesterday during a gentle rain. I believe it is a Luna moth, and it was a nice surprise to view while I was sweeping the porch in the early morning light.

The galvanized buckets are all being used for planters on the back porch, and I've added asparagus ferns back there, along with a Mandevilla, a potted tomato, and several basil plants for pesto. Yum.
I only found one small green sweet potato vine to purchase this year. All the others were red, but I bet if I go back now, I can find some on clearance at Atwoods. Are you shopping the clearance plants yet?

Here's an urn I filled with different plants and placed on the front porch, by the swing. I love the fern mixed with geraniums. All the different plants, along with some new pillows for the swing, make me want to spend more time outside. So, I'm off to do just that, and get my new ferns planted before we head out to the lake for the weekend.

Be blessed!


Susan said...

Looking nice. Enjoy your weekend. We are heading on vacation Sunday after church.

Our Family said...

Thanks for the tip. I will check out Lowe's and Atwoods...they are both close to my house! :-)

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I love your galvanised buckets - they make great planters.
Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me such an uplifting comment.
Enjoy your weekend,

Kimba said...

They're so pretty! Thanks for sharing.