Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shopping List

I'm taking a rest day today, blue flannels pjs and all. I've spent part of my time studying, listening to my favorite teacher, Perry Stone, and browsing blogs. Hubby used all the white flour, so he's just run to pick up some more, and, of course, I took advantage of that fact to ask for a couple of cans of black spray paint to finish a project I hope to post tomorrow, if the weather warms up just a little.

Blogging and being addicted (my dd17 says I am, so it must be true)to decorating blogs is getting a little pricey, so I'm posting my wishlist for bargains and believe I will find the following for next to nothing at yard sales and thrift stores this week:

Modge Podge, and lots of it, as I have several projects requiring it, like this one, or this one

Monogram Paper Napkins to make this for my front porch, or plates, or gifts...

Pink & Brown fabrics to finish the schoolroom redo

Double curtain rods for the living room and dd17's room
Picket fence for the backyard
Vines, flowers, ornamentals, and I'm sure you're getting the idea...
And, if it's not too much to ask, I'd like the weather to cooperate a little more with my plans. Don't I sound like a diva?

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Courtney Baker said...

Hey I noticed you were commented about double curtain rods on the lettered cottage. I always get mine from Target. They are cute and have exchangeable ends. Also, I used the drop clothes for curtains too, I just hung mine higher rather than hemming. They look great.