Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Do Something!

Slow and steady wins the race. That's my renewed mantra...

Since school is winding down and summer is heating up, it's time to get the porches in order. Hammock stands are out, flower beds are a work in progress, and I spent the day cleaning and fluffing the back porch.

I'm using all my galvanized items on the back porch, so I gathered them up and started potting my ferns and planting seed. Purple and red morning glories are in one container, and will hopefully climb up the post on the north end.
I repositioned furniture, including this $20 folding table from the HOW Foundation. I purchased it with the umbrella, and was excited to find one very similar in the Pottery Barn catalog for $349! I think you can also purchase them at TJ Maxx for $60, but I like mine for $20. The asparagus fern was a 6 pack for $2.29, and I used two in this little glass container.

I purchased these lanterns years ago when we were doing alot of tent camping, so I dusted them off and hung them with jute cords. Lanterns are also very popular in the PB Outdoors catalog right now, so I'm glad I had these tucked back.
The cannas are more red leafed than what they appear, and will have bright red flowers as well. The hummingbirds love them, so I can't wait for them to bloom.
I have had my eye on a palm plant at a local grocery store, and when I went in today, they only had one left. I made them an offer on it, and got it for $6! I was quite happy, as the same size at Lowe's were $40 last Saturday!

Fluffing the porch made me appreciate the space again. It's like my Little Creek Cottage just grew a new room. I can't wait to have my tea out there in the morning.
But for now, the sun has gone to bed and so must I! Good night!

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