Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another assignment completed!

Have you ever noticed that God brings people into your lives for a season? I had that this spring, in this form of this little angel. She's a Princess Baby from my church, the child of friends with whom we fellowship in our local congregation. She's been my shadow for four months, while her mother was wrapping up a career and transitioning to life as a stay at home mom.

It's been an adventure, since my youngest is 17, and we're not used to having a baby around the house. Still, we all took it in stride, and have thoroughly enjoyed this semester of "early childhood development." We've learned to use baby signs, to be patient and persistent, and to be disciplined when we wanted to spoil. **Ahem**

Having Baby inspired me to slow down and enjoy my backyard and the birds.

We watched them often, and enjoyed taking pictures of the different species.

She made us all smile.

We enjoyed walks around the neighborhood and picking flowers and playing in the dirt, all in our nice clothes! (Don't tell mom!)

I will miss seeing this smile in the mornings, and getting little cuddles and hugs throughout the day, but I know that Baby belongs with mom, and that mom is best for her as well. I'm rejoicing in the idea that another mom is able to stay at home and care for her little ones!


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She is just adorable! I bet you'll miss that little cutie and I'm sure her Momma appreciated your loving care!