Monday, March 23, 2009

Goodwill hunting...

I've had alot of comments asking which thrift stores I frequent, so I'm posting the secret! I frequent Goodwill almost every chance I get. I'm not in town that often, so I stop by almost every time I'm in Broken Arrow. I know that might sound extreme, but I'm usually only in the store for a few minutes and I can tell easily whether they have anything I need.

Hit the homewares first, as that's where they put the bins when they first bring them from the back. These are the newest items in the store, so I always check there because the items haven't been picked over. Today, on the new bins, I found two large, white china platters. They'll be perfect for the Bunco party.

I also like the How Foundation Thrift Store, and Bearly New if I'm looking for clothes. Again, it just takes a few minutes to make a quick pass through the store, and if there's nothing interesting, I head back to the car. Since the How doesn't mark their items with a price, I feel more inclined to negotiate if there's something I really want. They also offer delivery and set-up, so consider that if you're purchasing anything big, like an entertainment center or desk.


Anonymous said...

I haven;'t been to the Howe Foundation store for several years. If they don't mark the prices do they just surprise you when they ring it up or are you supposed to ask first?
~Kim B.

a King's daughter said...

I always ask at the front desk. They are usually extremely reasonable. I recently purchased a new~in~plastic Creative Memories scrapbook for $1! Can you believe it?