Monday, March 30, 2009

Bunco Bash!

I was blessed to host a Bunco Birthday for my dd17 on Sunday. She wanted a simple party, since last year's was a huge event including a food fight! So we borrowed tables and chairs, and crammed 20 people (from ages 14 to 73!) into our tiny house.

The night before, we made up party favor boxes by scoring and folding cardstock. We filled them with tissue paper and sweet treats, then secured them with ribbons from an estate sale!

We set up two simple tables by the front door, one for our party favors and one for gifts.

We attended another birthday party the Friday before, and they gave us the balloons from that party, along with streamers and an abundance of food, so we didn't have to make much besides the cakes.

DD17 used cardstock to make the table markers.

We had chocolate oatmeal "dice" cake with cocoa buttercream frosting, and we cut marshmallows to use for the pips. We put a one and a seven on two different cakes. The cake with the strawberries was the "one to grow on", and it has a tea~light candle that we used for DD to make a wish and blow out.

We had snacks and played two rounds of bunco, then cut the cake. Afterwards, we played two more rounds then awarded the bunco prizes and opened gifts. Everyone was so generous, and DD felt very blessed.

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Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

Those dice cakes are soooo cute! What a clever idea!