Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black and White Bunco Birthday!

My dear daughter is turning 17 in a few weeks, and we decided on a themed party ~ Bunco! I surprised her with these homemade invitations, and they were so simple!

I started with dice from our Yatzee game, then used an anniversary card I received in January for the background. I took the pictures using the flower setting for close~ups, and arranged the dice to show 17 spots. It was so easy, and took just a few minutes. I also used the Walgreens code from this weeks ad, and got the prints for 17 cents each.

Isn't that a funny coincidence?

I'm planning on making a dice themed birthday cake, our favorite cocoa oatmeal cake, which has already been requested. I might make dice cookies too, if I have the time. The birthday gifts have been purchased, so I'm pretty much set. I'll post all the pictures after the party.


Susan said...

How fun and a great idea. Love the dice reading 17!!!

Clarissa said...


You want to borrow my Yahtzee dice for bunco? I can see how many I have, if you want to borrow instead of buy.

How many tables of people will you need?

Sounds fun!

Desert Rose said...

How fun! I cannot wait to see your scrapbook pages for this one!!!