Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hello, Old Friend...

It snowed just a little overnight, right over the ice from Monday afternoon. It wasn't enough to satisfy my craving for flakes, but I'm happy nonetheless! The house looks so bright with the sunshine reflecting off the slick white surface of ice and snow, and I'm cleaning my little creekside cottage. School will begin at 11, and we'll do a half day today, which is really generous of dd since we usually take off when public schools take a snow day.

We're not taking off because we're right in the middle of Uncle Tom's Cabin and need to get if finished before Literature class in February. We sure have enjoyed this book! We read 6 hours yesterday, and cried our eyes out at the passing of the little evangelist. What a message!

Anyway, enjoy the Charles Wysocki print above, and if you want to purchase it, here's a link. I love his style. I know there's a part of Heaven that looks like this cozy little scene!

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Brandy said...

I'm so glad I had today off! Except no one is free for sledding... stupid jobs! lol hope you guys are staying cozy today! love ya! -bb