Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Classic Enabler...

I'm pondering such a sad situation tonight. A young person, caught in their circumstances, is suffering, hurting. The holidays magnify the pain of the situation.

There is such a disappointment in seeing the potential in a young person, and recognizing the influence of those who have only their own interests in mind, hindering the hurting from becoming the person they should have been.

An enabler cripples others by their behavior. An enabler does not love, but destroys but destroys by participating the the illusion, the stupidity, the misbehavior. An enabler has no backbone, helps no one, and cripples people emotionally, spiritually and eventually, physically.

Each person must learn to stand on their own two feet, to be responsible for themselves, and to deal with the hurts, the mistakes and the joys in life. Any person made dependent on handouts, instead of being responsible for themselves, has been deeply harmed by those who have enabled the childish behavior, long into adulthood.

Enablers define "help" wrongly; they harm, they pity, they give a drunk a drink because they feel "sorry". Enablers are misguided, selfish, and weak. There is no end to the patterns of an enabler usless they themselves choose to stop the behavior OR God removes the harmed individual from the enabler's grasp and helps them to see truth. For this, I pray.

God help the Boleys.

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