Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Whirlwind Season of Life

The house is strangely quiet today.  Even the air conditioner, which has churned almost continuously this summer with the record breaking heat, is silent.  My productivity is at almost zero.  No household appliances have been set to work this morning, no shipments have been processed, no deals have been made. 

This is margin. Rest. Stillness.

I sit at my desk and look around, amazed at the amount of chaos that has occurred in my home over the last few weeks.  Half-done projects abound.  Household tasks have been sadly neglected, and inventory seems to have taken on a life of it's own, creeping into almost every room of the house. 

Yet inside, I am peaceful.  These are just things. Circumstances.  Results of doing business on the fly while trying to help my last child at home get settled in to the dorms of her university across town.  And it's okay.

It's interesting that during this hectic, sometimes chaotic, season of life, my business managed to break all previous sales records. Without my constant presence, but with my full attention when I chose to work on it.  Is this how George Washington managed to be on the banks of the Potomac leading his soldiers, and at the same time keeping track of how many nails were being used to build each of the new buildings going up on his estate back home? Interesting.

I find we have a greater capacity to be productive when we give our lives in service to the Lord, and let Him guide our daily activities, and choose His ways of doing and being right.  This week's reading recommendation for success in business is the book of Proverbs, which teaches how to do just that.

Take some time each day to study and meditate on the Word of God concerning how to do things His way.  The payoff from study of God's Word is so much greater than any other book that could every be recommended.  It should be a daily part of the life of someone searching for real success!

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