Friday, April 16, 2010

Facing a Challenge

All my best intentions to post more regularly have taken a back seat to finishing the school year strong, and keeping up my responsibilities here at home.  Thank God for Proverbs 31 Amplified, which reminds me that I can't take on new responsibilities that cause the neglect of my present duties!

So, here's a little sneak peek at what I've been doing since my last post...

I was one of three sponsors for the ropes challenge course activity for some of our juniors and seniors.  The humiliation of wearing the harness and helmet is so small compared to the thrill of getting to have this great experience with such a fantastic group of young people!

Yup.  I climbed it. A 55 foot verticle wall is nothing for this homeschool mom!  I did it!

After conquering the elements on the big blue tower, we took a 100+ foot zipline to the bottom!  It was such a blast!  Challenge courses make great homeschool field trips!

Note to self:  Next time, make someone take pictures of me actually doing some of these things, instead of me always being behind the camera!

Surprisingly, I wasn't very store the next day.  So that day, we did some of this:

Yes, we've been taking dance lessons!  My daughter is going to prom in a few weeks, and for the last five weeks or so, we've been going once a week to learn ballroom dancing.  She asked me to join her in the lessons, and I have for most of them.  The foxtrot is my favorite, followed by the rumba.  They've also learned West Coast swing, which I've not practiced much.  It's all great exercise, too, which is a bonus!

What have you been up to this week?

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Susan said...

Proud of you!!! You rock, Tammy!!!