Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Clearing the Clutter: Does This Count?

Let me start out by saying:

I'm going to be real here.  This has been a difficult few days.

As part of our commitment to becoming debt free, we sold our camper.  ((Insert sad face here.))  Since we didn't owe anything on it, it was nice to be able to instantly reduce our debt by several thousand dollars, but it still hurt to let it go.  Oh well, life goes on.

MoneySavingMom is doing a Clear Out the Clutter Challenge, and since I've been a little lax in my purging for the year, I decided to join in.  I'm including my totals in my Big Give as well. 

Here's my blurry before picture of a neglected area in my den:

Since we don't have a garage, we keep our deep freeze in our den, and this area catches all types of homeless clutter.  I removed 13 items including the upholstery cushions I will be listing on Craigslist tonight.  I also sorted many items from our camper, which were deposited in front of the freezer. 

I keep the blue box all the time, and purpose to fill it with giveaway items once a week.  This round will go to the Goodwill unless I decide to have a garage sale.  And, if I do, maybe I should use that money to take some photography classes.  It's been a rough picture day!

Wave goodbye!


Jennifer said...

That had to be hard to let the camper go, but just think - it helped you get closer to your goal. Way to go making a tough choice and following through!

The Prudent Patron said...

Hugs, we have been talking about selling ours too. We don't use it as much as we used to and we have outgrown it, but it is so wrapped up in family memories that we haven't been able to do it yet.

Sandra said...

I know how much you loved to camp out so I hate to see it go too. Better things are on the horizon though.

Ellen said...

I joined up on the Spring cleaning kick too. It is difficult to let things go. Sigh...but as others have said, it may be a good thing too.

P.S. - just bought a new freezer with saved-up money from my food budget & where is it? Sitting in our family room downstairs too.

Doesn't feel good to clean out & donate? (and this coming from a pack-rat).

Traci @ The Bakery said...

We have a camper that we have been waffling on whether to sell it or not.... It is such a cheap alternative though... My whole side of the family camps so, it is harder to give that up. We are also trying to get rid of debt...so, I might have to think a little harder on this. Now, I feel I need to go de-clutter...LOL