Sunday, March 28, 2010

Book Review: Going Gray, Looking Great!

Over spring break, we were blessed to be able to take an spontaneous trip to Florida.  We made the decision, packed and arrived at our destination within 48 hours! 

During the picture taking process, I realized just how much gray I can't see in my own hair! At first, I was distressed at my realization, but I'm so opposed to damaging my hair and my health with the coloring process that I needed to find a way to bolster my resolve not to color.  This book did the trick.

With information ranging from the best types of hair care products for grays, to the best hairstyles, colors for clothing and cosmetics, it didn't take long for me to realize that this transition to gray is just another season in life to be embraced and enjoyed!  Even rooms are going gray this season, per Martha Stewart!

I was please to find a corresponding website by the same name,  Going Gray, Looking Great!  With so many beautiful friends like Sister.Faith and the Penless Writer who have made the switch, I'm encouraged to continue in my natural state, and move into the phase of "unfading glory..."


Diana said...

Thanks for this lovely review. I'd be pleased to send you an image of the book now, with its all-new cover. So glad you like the site, too!

Susan said...

Boy, was I surprised to find my name at the end of your post. However, as I was reading this I was thinking, "I'm going to comment, "How could you doubt the beauty of gray with a beautiful friend like Sandra?".

Thanks for putting me in the class with her. I am above honored!!!

For your information, the actual transition is NOT FUN and takes quite a while but trust me you will NEVER be sorry for this decision. Our precious Bible says gray hair is an honor from God. I believe that.

Yours is going to be BEAUTIFUL, Tammy!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Gray it up! Shine your silver beacon! :) lol (Now I feel bad about those home highlights I just gave myself...)

Sandra said...

I'm the one honored being put in a class with Susan. You go Tammy!!! Your hair already sparkles just like your spirit.

GoodPlans said...

Thank you for the encouragement, ladies! I really appreciate it. and, @Diana ~ I'd be happy to see and post the new cover photo. The book I checked out from my local library had the cover I included in my post.