Saturday, February 6, 2010

Book Review: Get Motivated by Tamara Lowe

Tamara and her husband, Peter Lowe, have been producing business seminars for many years. Over that time, she has worked with thousands of individuals and used her skills to identify patterns of human behavior.  Those personality qualities have been broken down into six categories.  Each person fits three of the six. After taking the online test, my results show that I am a PSE: The Chief.  What does that mean?  Take the test and be sure to include my email address so I can see your results as well!  *isupply at cox dot net*

The purpose of this book is to empower the reader to identify not only their own character traits and weaknesses, but also the traits and weeknesses of those with whom they interact.  Through this understanding, the reader can then communicate and relate to their family, friends, and peers using styles and techniques to which they easily respond.

For example, because I am a teacher, it is important to me to be able to not only communicate clearly to my students, but to understand and make connections with them so that I might have the opportunity to inspire, empower and motivate them to achieve their full potential.  It is not enough to simply teach my students facts or information.  As a leader, I must inspire them to take that knowledge and apply it in every day life.  Tamara teaches that "extensive information" alone is not enough; we must also inspire "appropriate action." 

That is, I believe, the definition of wisdom.

Knowledge rightly applied is our goal, and GET MOTIVATED! is a wonderful resource from which to draw understanding.  With chapters covering business, family life, and parening, this book applies to more than the boardroom, and should be required reading for new parents, teens, and recent college graduates especially. 

Reading portions of this book caused me to recognize characteristics in myself that I can utilize to become more focused, resourceful and goal-oriented.  My main reason for reading this book was to develop relationship skills to resolve conflict with personalities other than my own.  I believe there is a degree of understanding that comes with reading, but in my case, I need to take notes, study them, do worksheets, and role play to really apply what I have read.  If you are a note-taker, plan on writing in this book!

I would love to see Tamara Lowe develop more interactive online resources to help apply the principles found in this book, especially for parents and teachers, and parents who are teachers!  I personally found that information to be the most valuable, probably because that is my chosen profession.


Susan said...

I'm a PVI - Visionary. I love taking these kinds of tests. Have you ever taken the Myers-Brigg testing. It is one of the most used and well know.

Thanks for posting this. It was fun.

Susan said...

Tammy I posted about this on my blog today and linked to this post.

FishMama said...

Thanks for Booking it with me!