Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walgreens Deal Round-up

There are  great deals at Walgreens this week.  For the basics, you can start with MoneySavingMom.  Now, if you really want to get busy shopping, here are a few scenario deals you could do...

From the Walgreens Forum of Hot Coupon World.  Go here to see all the deals and links for printable coupons!

"I'm not sure if you have any RRs to begin with, so I'll go on thinking you're starting from scratch. It's best to do smaller transactions to bring your total OOP down. Any RR you get should be rounded to closest $ so Vitamin Water wll be 2.00 and the Blink would be 8.00. Since Wags considers RRs to be MQs you may need fillers.
Scenerio 1:
9.98 x 2 Advil PM
5.98 + tax OOP get $5 RR

Scenerio 2:
7.99 x 1 Blink
1.99 x 1 Vitamin Water Lip
-1.50 Blink Q
-5.00 RR from Advil
3.48 + tax OOP get an $8 and a $2

Scenerio 3:
20.00 x 2 Joint Juice
.50 x 2 Small fillers, but can be lower and just using for rounding out
-10.00 BOGO IP on Joint Juice
- 2.00 RR from Vitamin Water
- 8.00 RR from Blink
.50 + tax OOP (or around there) get $10 RR

Scenrio 4:
20.00 Pepsi deal without Qs
-10.00 RR from Joint Juice
10.00 plus tax get $10 RR

Scenerio 5:
7.99 x 1 Blink
5.99 x 1 Scalpacin
1.99 x 1 Vitamin Water Lip
-1.50 for Blink
-1.00 for Scalpacin
10.00 Pepsi (or Joint Juice) RR
3.47 OOP + tax get back $8, $6, $2"

Be sure and watch for Physician's Formula on clearance, and don't forget about all the rebates I listed in this post.


Hammer said...

Noticed you were a local girl in the heartland. Have you seen the website for The coupon queen is on a local news station in the mornings as well. I am now following you as well keep up the good work!

Rhonda in OK said...

hmmm very good and clear instructions on all this - I may just try this tomorrow

thank you

SonyaAnn said...

I've got to make a "run" today. Thanks for the remind of everything that I need to get. I wish I had been paying attention sooner and stocked up on stuff for Valentine's day. Oh, well there is still Easter.
I'm glad that i found you!