Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tostitos Catalina Deal At Walgreens

Yesterday, I found some  "buy 2 bags tostitos, get a free dip" tearpad q's at Walmart in Coweta.  I took several to Walgreens and did the following deal:

Tostitos chips and dip

TOTAL: $5 for 6 chips & 3 dips

SALE: $2.50 ea

MQ: buy 2 Tostitos chips get a free Tostitos dip (not salsa, see db for more details)

Register Reward: 16, buy $20 in PepsiCo, get $10 RR

MATH: 6 chips ($15) + 3 dips ($7.50) - 3 mq (-$7.50) - $10 RR = $5

If you don't use Walgreens Register Rewards program, you need to learn.  I had Register Rewards from another purchase, so I used those to purchase my chips for $4.xx and got back a $10 Register Reward (Catalina coupon that prints at the end of the transaction) to use on my next purchase!

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Rhonda in OK said...

I saw those same coupons at Food Pyramid but did not take any - was not thinking ahead about the Wags. deal - and now the ice is coming so I won't be going out today

oh well - glad you got a great deal and hope you all enjoy your chips and dip during this ice-blizzard