Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pantry Challenge ~ Week 2 Plan

My goals for the Challenge are:
1. To spend a maximum of $30 per week on groceries for the family. (I spent $31.24 total for Week 1.)
2. To try at least one new recipe each week.   (I made Cranberry Orange Muffins last week.)
3. To use the small appliances I have. (I used my juicer.)
4. To save all the rebates I receive during the month. (Received 2 last week; deposited into savings.)
5. To send off atleast $50 in rebates during the month. (Sent for $16.00 so far.)

This will be a busy week because we're helping friends with a wedding, and school starts again tomorrow.  (Yes, I'm trying to be excited about that one!)  The menu I planned is pretty detailed, and I hope I can pull if off.  Here's the breakdown:

Eggs & bagels with fresh juice (two meals)
Cereal & milk (three meals)
Muffins (two meals)

We always eat cereal on mornings when we have classes away from home.  It's easy and we love our Shredded Wheat!   Plus with the Kellogg's Calendar Rebate going on right now, eating cereal is free.  I may change the muffins to waffles and use my waffle maker.  It depends how busy I get later in the week. 

Grilled sammies with veggies and ranch  (have canned soups to add if needed)
Any Meal Cheese Pie with salad and fresh juice
Swiss Steak with rice
Potato soup with carrots and cheese
Wendy's (on co-op day we have an hour to travel to our next class across town, and this is easy)
Leftovers (from any of the above meals)

Spaghetti with green salad and bread
ChickFilA (for a missions fundraiser we are working)
hamburger rice with carrots
Pigs in a Blanket, steamed cauliflour and carrots, stewed apples or fruit crisp
leftovers on Wednesday (this is Clean~Out~The~Fridge night)
King Ranch Chicken and green salad
Wedding food (which I will not be cooking!)

Several of my recipes are crockpot meals, and I will be cooking ahead when I can.  We also have navel oranges, and frozen berries that I will incorporate where I can.


Anonymous said...

You are so inspirational! What a good steward of the gifts you're given!

a King's daughter said...

Thank you, friend! I'm just paying forward what others are teaching me! I feel blessed to have such great friends and mentors.