Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New Perspective

There was a real lack of beauty in this home office space before.  I was utilizing what I had, and really had no inspiration to guide me.  Without vision the people perish, you know.  So when I saw what Nester had done with her new space, I knew I could do something similar. 

I started by selling what I had, and made $140 towards my new furniture.  I kept watching Craigslist, and found the table, chairs and buffet (pictured near the end) for $150, so my net cost for those items was a whopping $10.  Easy peasy. 

I still had the problem of finding a printer stand, and when the china hutch showed up on CL for $65, I knew it would be functional and beautiful in the space, so I made a call.  The woman who owned it said she would deliver it, (an almost 2 hour drive!) for $20!  That had to be God!

I think the furniture is beautiful, and it matches this room, which is primitive and cozy. 

One of the main reasons I needed to make a change was that I had no place to effectively study my Bible.  I'm a book person, and have loads of commentaries, translations and also use my computer, so I needed something functional.

Now, what I have is functional AND beautiful!  The idea of using a table like a partner's desk where people can sit face to face is fabulous!  Remember this post?  It's also beautiful. 

One of the things I love most is that the whole family likes it.  We've had opportunity to sit together to work on projects, and there is room for everyone.  Best of all, we don't have to clear the table so we can eat dinner!  I love that.

Even the hateful cat seems to approve! 

Did I mention that when the china hutch was delivered, the woman offered me $50 for something she liked from my house, so my hutch was $35 out of pocket and delivered?  That brings my final cost for the transformation to $45!

Isn't God amazing?!


Kimberly Boley said...

I love it !!! Very nice and pretty. Blessings- Kim

Susan said...

Oh this is wonderful, Tammy. I adore the look and you are so frugal and patient in getting your desires and dreams.

Anonymous said...

That is really great. It looks beautiful! I love that you were able to do so much by spending so little. Great! ~Kim B.

Lois said...

God IS Amazing!