Saturday, November 14, 2009

Having Ears To Hear

It's time to get ready for the holidays!  It's not just about the celebration of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Chanukkah, but about making the days Holy Days and not vacation days from work.  It's time to hear God's voice.  And it's time to pay attention to the voices around us.

For me, holiday celebrating and giving are about ministering to individual people, and not just about buying gifts or making food.  Since my "love language" to others is acts of service, it gives me great joy to give gifts, cook yummy foods, and serve others in a way that really ministers to them.

I'm working on my final gift lists and paying close attention to comments made by those who will be receiving gifts from me.  Teachers who make comments about their love of coffee and circus peanuts will surely be receiving those types of gifts, packaged creatively from me.  It makes my life easy because I don't have to figure out what to give, and it makes them happy to receive what they truly enjoy!  Easy peasy.

SophiasDelights on Etsy has just posted the most beautiful bark candies.  I'm inspired to learn how to make the candies with such clean, precise cuts like they have here, so anyone who has tips on working with chocolate, please speak up!!!

Who wouldn't be thrilled to receive such a beautiful, thoughtful gift such like custom made candies in their favorite flavors this season?  And while I'm busy creating gifts for people, I'm inspired to pray for them.  That's one reason homemade gifts mean so much more to me personally than something purchased quickly from a store with no real thought or effort other than swiping a card.  So if you're buying gifts, make them meaningful!

Last year, one of my daughters purchased a beautiful smelling lotion for me.  One reason I loved it so much, and have enjoyed it this entire year, was because every time I used it, I remembered what she said when she presented it to me.  She had the idea of giving me a "signature scent".  I remember my grandmother, Louise Warren Carman, always wearing Este Lauder in her later years.  I still have the last bottle of perfume she owned, and from time to time I get it out and open it, just to remember her signature scent. 

Another friend always has a jar of lemon drops in her home to remind her of her father, who always carried this candy in his pocket.  One taste of that tart sweet candy instantly warms her heart with the memory of reaching in daddy's coat pocket to pull out a bright yellow candy.

Lord, please help me have ears to hear You this season, and ears to hear those around me.  Please help me minister to those in my own home first, and then to those I meet outside these walls.  Slow me down so that I do not rush past the hurting.  Anoint my words with grace and love so that I can bring a daily gift to those in need of love, encouragement and friendship, and help me to prepare and minister good gifts to all those who are willing to receive them.  In Jesus' name I pray.  Amen!

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