Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Grocery Gathering

I wanted to take advantage of the Reasors 10/$10 on the Pillsbury products because there is a catalina deal when you buy 6 items.  I did 4 transactions and had no catalinas to start with:

    1. 6 Pillsbury - 3 $1/2 IP MQ = OOP $3.51 & got back a $4 catalina
    2. 6 Pillsbury & 1 roll turkey - 3 $1/2 IP MQ - $4 cat = $1.28 & got $4 cat again
    3. repeated #2
    4. repeated (but didn't have as good of coupons) OOP $3.87 & got $4 cat
So I left Reasors with about $10 OOP for 24 Pillsbury items, 3 pounds of turkey, and a $4 cat.  Not too bad!

Next I hit Walgreens.  I had an $8 cat to start with and spent $22.65, but $9.36 of that was our sky high tax! Plus, I left with $17 in Register Rewards for next time.  The Rice Krispies are $1.75 and there are $1/1 peelies out there, so I got them for fall Krispies Treats.  Each box has $5 in coupons for Kelloggs items plus fresh fruit and milk coupons!

The Liquid Nails glue and the extension cords were on clearance around $0.75 a piece, and I needed them, so I used one RR to get those plus the toilet tissue without generating another RR.  I may go back and purchase a few more of the razors since they are on the monthly deal, and maybe the lotion that's on RR for October.  I didn't get any this trip, but I think that would be a great way to roll the $17 in RR I have.

I should have been able to get my OOP lower, if I had done more transactions, (I did 7 total).  But I was in a hurry and thought this would have to be good enough.  I saved quite a bit anyway, so I'm satisfied!

Edited to add:  We will not be eating all these Pillsbury!  I have already traded some to the neighbor for her coupons from the Sunday paper, and will be blessing others as well.  I will be saving the cresent dough for Thanksgiving as well.


Desert Rose said...

Wow! Great job!!!

Sandra said...

How do you store the cresent dough to save it for future use???

a King's daughter said...

I checked the dates on the cans, and these can stay in the fridge until December 15. Or you can freeze them, and thaw in the fridge, but they don't come out as nice that way. I've frozen the biscuits too. If I have a question about these procedures, I usually google and read other people's experiences before I try it myself!

Rhonda in OK said...

good shopping you did!

I feel your pain about our high tazes - I don't think other states pay tazes on "free" stuff like us Okies do.