Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Homeschool Classroom

I've been doing some thinking lately about the homeschool classroom.  Moms have been asking for advice on setting up their homeschool classrooms for the most effective learning.  I've been looking back over my own pictures from 16 school terms at home with my own children, (I KNOW!!! Can you believe it?).  Plus, I've been all over Google images looking at book shelves, tables, and an innumerable company of maps and charts.  But, something was missing.

No matter what the pictures of the room looked like, they just didn't say "homeschool classroom" to me.  And, I know why.

It's because the homeschool classroom is the heart, not the room

While there is a practical side to making learning happen, like being able to FIND the books we are studying, the actual room where we study doesn't really matter that much.  Kitchen table, living room floor, the middle of mom and dad's bed, or sitting at a desk ~ it really doesn't matter where the schooling takes place.

That being said, there are some pretty, organized, heart~warming spaces that can draw us to them, and make us motivated to DO STUFF, to learn, and to create.  If you're looking for some of those spaces, keep watching!  The next post will begin a pictoral series on organized and fun offices, classrooms, and homes. 


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Sandra said...

Even though I'm not a home-schooler, I still like to read your blogs.