Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blog BreakFast!

Really, this is a break from a blog fast!

I had been fasting this past week from reading blogs and blogging in an effort to hear from the Lord more clearly concerning a 24-hour prayer tent we had at a local fall festival in my town. The results of the fast were very gratifying for me personally, and I hope to post on my other blog very soon about the testimonies from the prayer tent.

Meanwhile, I was able to sneak away this morning in between a very hectic list of appointments, and purchased a few garage sale treasures.

Is your heart beating fast? Are you jealous? Well, don't hate me, but I actually only bought the paint for these projects. Gotcha!

I've been collecting paint for some time after reading other blogs about using mistints and other clearance or OOPS paints for their rehab projects. I was amazed at how easily I have found paints on clearance and at yard sales, not to mention the mistint bins at Lowe's and Walmart. I scored the blue paint for $0.50 and two sample size gray/brown paints for $0.10 each. I'm excited to use them, so now I need to find the crate, and someone needs to give me the Pottery Barn cabinet and TV for the living room. ;-)

I guess I'll keep searching Craigslist!

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Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I love looking at the ooops paint! My Home Depot often even puts spray paint in that section! Good deals on the paint - I think Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry those crates. You can always use your store coupon if they're not on sale.