Monday, August 31, 2009

Walgreens/Target Deals

Now that co-op is back in session, I have a regular shopping schedule, and it's easier to take advantage of the great deals. Here's what I purchased for about $3 today:

This Target trip was great! I used the following

12 boxes of Special K bars 2.39 - 12 $0.75/1 tearpad coupons - 12 $0.50/1 Target printables

4 boxes cereal @ 2.39 - 1 $1/1 Kelloggs Blueberry Special K cereal

4 MP coffee @$3.99 - 4 $2.00/1 house brand coffee wyb 1 Special K cereal & 1 box bars

2 Cheerios singles @ $1 - $1/1 Target printables

1 AF Snack Mix @ $0.58 - $0.50/1 Target printable

I split this into two transactions, purchasing 12 Kelloggs plus 2 coffee in the first transaction. That total was $20.38 OOP. I received 3 $5.00 gift cards which I used on the 2nd transaction.

The 2nd transaction total after coupons was $12.65 with I paid with gift cards, and received another $5.00 gift card.

I left the store with $20.38 OOP, but I have $7.35 in gift cards left over and I can send off for the Fuel For Schools $10 rebate, so my net OOP, will be about $3.00.

I heart Target!

I also found several Unilever coupon books in the cart return area of the parking lot. These have several Target coupons good until December 31! Yipee!

At Walgreens, I had a $5.00 Register Reward to use, so I purchased one Reach toothbrush and one Colgate toothbrush, both of which are generating RR this week. I spent my $5 RR, plus $1.16 OOP, and got back a $3 and a $2 RR. I used those to pay for some much needed trash bags. I used the seed pack on sale for $0.16 as a filler and paid $0.59 OOP for the trash bags.

You've gotta love coupons. They make shopping much more interesting!


Sister.Faith said...

You've made a game out of shopping and have lots of fun with it.

Desert Rose said...

you go girl!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are the WOMAN! :) Good job! Thanks for taking the time to share your finds with the rest of us.