Saturday, August 29, 2009

Memory Lane

It was in this season, just a few years ago, that I walked with my friend through one of the toughest spiritual battles one can ever face.

This is my friend, Sandra. I can't remember when we first met, but it was probably at church. Over the years, we have traveled together, studied the Scriptures together, and attended a prayer group together. She's one of those life~long sisters to me, a kindred spirit and always a blessing.

Sandra's daughter and her husband were expecting their first baby, but there were many complications. After 13+ trips to the hospital, and extended hospital stays, Allison was finally delivered to this young couple. Today, mother and (almost) 3 year old Allison are strong and healthy. I believe they are alive solely because of prayer and faith in the Word of God.

Sandra has recently started a blog, and I wanted to invite my readers to go over and check out her posts. She's full of wisdom and I know she will be a blessing to you as well.


Sister.Faith said...


Thank you so much for posting this and for being such a wonderful friend but most of all for your faithfulness in prayer during the most difficult time in my life.

We do think alike. I will be posting about this next week on Allison's 3rd birthday.


Susan said...

I'm so thankful that Sandra has finally started a blog. I know she is going to be a real blessing to many as she is to us!