Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Having a NO day...

Some days we feel like we need a superhero cape to pull off everything we need to do.

I've had a few WEEKS like that!

So, I've decided to take a "no" week.

To all things there is a season, and rest is a necessity. I know I can't take on one more thing right now. It's good to know your boundaries.

Sometimes, with a no week comes a season of waterworks, mostly from your own eyes, but sometimes from those to whom you must say no. But, that's okay. Water brings growth.
During this no week, I'm finishing things I've left undone, but nothing new will be added. I must find some light at the end of the tunnel.


Sister.Faith said...

We all need off time.

It won't be long and we'll be in that picture with snow.


Susan said...

I trust your "no" week is bearing much fruit.

Queen B. said...

such a perfect post !! :)

tatto said...

I have been there myself. God has showed me that it is okay to say no and okay to hear no. Have a great week.

Desert Rose said...

Good for you! See you next week!