Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It must be my old age! I'm getting daring. Well, for me anyway.

After seeing so many gorgeous pictures of white drapes, white towels, white napkins, and white furniture, I've left my comfort zone and branched out.

My back porch now has a white drape. Dirt? Who cares. I can bleach that puppy every time it gets dirty, and the sun will bleach out anything I might miss anyway. It cost .75 cents, so it's not like I'm loosing a forture if it is ruined. I'll just go to a yardsale and find another!
White cloth napkins are now for everyday. I didn't make mine, though. I found them at a yard sale, 24 vintage white cloth napkins. .20 cents! If they get a spot, I just won't let it bother me. I'm sure I can find more.
And, if I don't, I can always make some of these beauties, like the Lazy Organizer did. I love the simple look.

No, white doesn't scare me. And, change doesn't scare me either. I'm learning to do what I want when it comes to decorating and life. Not what's practical, or inexpensive, just for the sake of being practical or thrifty. But to really find what I like and use what I like.

Posts like this inspire me to be more observant of myself, to discover what really brings joy to my everyday life. Like the arbor, and the order of the closet. Little reflections of design that mirror the creativity of my Heavenly Father, brought into the mundane parts of my everyday life.

That keeps my heart turned to Him. My thoughts always circling back to the way He would do things. That's what I want my house to be. That's what I want my life to be.

That's what brings me joy.


Rhonda in OK said...

we've used cloth napkins for years, we started using them when we had a few years of extra-low income. My hubby likes them so much, he never wanted to go back to paper napkins.

and they are so "green" right now too :)

about your outdoor curtain, how is holding up in the Oklahoma wind?

a King's daughter said...

Thanks for the comment. The "curtain", really a flat cotton bedsheet, is doing quite well. I have it attached to a wire strung between two cup hooks with binder clips, (found in the office supply section of stores). It hasn't come off even once, and we've had some storms, let me tell you! I did make a tie out of torn linen, and use that to tie the curtain to a post if it's too windy. It was all really simple and inexpensive!

Anonymous said...


I like what you said about finding what you like and what brings you joy. Not just because it is inexpensive or frugal. If something simple in our everday life brings us joy, it does remind us of our Heavenly Father.

I repainted two old metal lawn chairs banner red this year and everytime I look out the window at those old chairs, it just feels wonderful. They remind me of my Grandma Jackie who is in heaven.