Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hearts and Homes...

Here are some thoughts from comments a blog post over at Like Merchant Ships. I needed to read both the post and the comments left by others, and you might, too...

"For this very reason, I had to make myself not buy any craft supplies in May because I'd realized I dream and buy for my dreams, but I never turn dreams to reality by making the things I imagine." Anne Marie

"I am getting rid of things right and left. I want to see empty space, not storage boxes...." Roxie700

"It has taken me many years to figure out it's not the space, it's me! I didn't need to change my space I needed to change my habits." Carrie

And, Meredith, whose original post inspired all this in the first place, "I did some deep thinking surrounded by Rotel and Ziplocs. Here are a few conclusions..."

(The pictures are ones I took on the 2009 Parade of Homes tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

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