Sunday, May 10, 2009

Not Thanksgiving Dinner

Last year we used a Williams Sonoma Apple and Spices turkey brine for our Christmas turkey. My family really enjoyed the savory flavor, but I didn't enjoy the price. Even on clearance, the brine was $8.xx. So, I'm looking for some homemade brine recipes with which I can experiment.

This month's Martha Stewart Living has a recipe for a honey brine, so I'm going to try that recipe with chicken, and cook it on the grill as directed. I don't know if they'll like the sweet brine, but it looked good so they'll be guinea pigs whether they like it or not. ;-)

I had a friend who moved away years ago, and every summer she fixed her family "Not Thanksgiving Dinner" which was indeed a full Thanksgiving dinner, including the pies! It was fun when she invited us to join them, and kept her in practice for making the "real meal" in November.

Here are some brine recipes I'm considering trying:

Savory Brine: This one might make a nice gift in a decorative jar!

If you have a favorite homemade or even store~bought brine recipe, please share. I'd love to try some new recipes this summer with chicken or turkey, and I promise I'll post pictures and reviews from my taste testers!

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