Friday, May 29, 2009

Making Decisions

This is NOT my kitchen, but it is the basic layout of my kitchen, minus a bar, which is left of the dishwasher. I'm using this kitchen for my inspiration.

There is no shortage of good ideas out in the blogosphere when it comes to decorating kitchens and painting cabinets! I've had a little time to think about what I want to do next, since we had a huge delay in getting the water turned back on in the kitchen, and everything basically came to a halt with the remodel.

We purchased two Frake stainless steel sinks, both of which were warped and unusable, because they couldn't be installed. The second one, which my hubby graciously had gotten after the first wouldn't seal around the countertop, was actually A RETURN that Lowe's somehow managed to get back on the shelf. The brackets were even bent on the rim, so someone else had tried to install it as well, and couldn't make it work either.

Unfortunately, since I had a limited amount of choices for the depth I needed, I had to change from a stainless sink to cast iron. Don't get me wrong, the sink I have now is very nice, but not the color I would have chosen. It's black.

The good news is, my countertop is the Perlato Granite, which has black in it, and since my stainless steel appliances will have black, it will work. So, this is what I'm planning to do next:

I'm reworking my plan to include a black sink, and I think I've decided to paint the cabinets, just like what you see above. And, I'm adding the beadboard to the cabinets like this:

I'm hoping to also do the rope trim and the taller crown moulding, but these are stretching my skills, big time!

So, that's my news. I'm leaving you with one more kitchen photo, from the web. I love the little shelves, the beadboard backsplash and the the glass doors. Wouldn't you love to cook in a space like that?

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