Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finalizing a Junior Year!

I'm right in the middle of my planning for next year's course load for our dd17. It is amazing to me how everything works out for the classes we need to take, even though our learning co-op is not providing all the classes.

This is what we hope to do in the fall:

Worldviews/Philosophy at co-op

Geometry with Teaching Textbooks at home

Victory Bible Institute concurrent enrollment, hopefully online

American Sign Language with private classes or Community College concurrent enrollment

Uncle Eric Economics and History at home

High School Composition at co-op

Literature & Discussion II at co-op and home

Advanced Biology, location unknown

The only class in doubt right now is the Advanced Biology. They didn't offer it through our co-op, and I'm not sure I can tackle that at home, so if we can't find a class, we will be switching to College Biology and dd will do concurrent enrollment, IF we can work out the schedule. Otherwise, we might do the Apologia Advanced Biology at home, but I WILL NEED ALOT OF PRAYER TO MAKE IT THROUGH THAT CLASS! lol

The baby swine from Biology, dearest "Elaine Louise Victoria", (as my teenage scientist named her before dissection), nearly did me in! I don't think I can have that **stuff** in my house, muchless my kitchen. Gross. ;-/ So we better come up with a class!

Pray for me. ;-)


Anonymous said...

We did Apologia biology at home and did just fine. I am not sure how that compares with what you are going to do but I thought I would mention it. :-) Kimberly B.

Anonymous said...

If you need help with Advanced Biology let me know. I will see if my other coop has any interest for it (our coop planning meeting is this Saturday- just a small informal group). I usually end up teaching most of the Apologia science classes. Anyway, I am a nurse and have a BS is Zoology (really a Biology degree) from OU. We are finishing up Apologia Marine Bio this year (at home). It is really fun!