Monday, March 9, 2009

Let's make a deal...
Do you remember that old game show, where the contestant had to choose a door, and got the prize behind it? Well, I'm having that type of game here on my blog. I have posted some pics of doors, but I need your help. I know most of my readers don't comment, so I'm hoping to hear from some of you lurking!

I have a storage shed that needs some "prettying", so I'm going to Habitat's Restore in Tulsa this week to look for some RED paint. I'm only painting the door, as the rest of the shed looks fine, although I would love to find a cupola to crown the roof. There are two on Tulsa's Craigslist right now, but they want $800, which is not in the budget for this little project. Alas, new door paint and some flowers/vines will have to do.

I love this cottage, but it looks nothing like my building to start with, so I'll only be able to take elements of their design to incorporate. I'm drawn to the vines, so that's a given, and I'm hoping to find or make a small trellis for one side.

The shed door is metal, so I'm going to add some wood trim, probably new hardware, and repaint. I love the double~x design on this door, and the one above in the first picture. Which do you prefer, the off~set style in picture one, or the symmetrical style in this picture?

I also think this little element is adorable, and I just happen to have a table similar that I'll be painting, although up to this point I haven't firured out just how they did the squares? Was it a template, a sponge technique, what? I'm emailing Alyssa Ann to find out, and if you haven't checked out her blog, be sure to do so. I found her through Like Merchant Ships, so, thank you Meredith, for leading me in the right direction, and a big thanks to Alyssa for sharing her beautiful life with us!
Don't forget to post your vote: Door number one, or door number two?


Susan said...

Lovely blog Tammy and I've put you on my Favorite's list. Love the table idea. I'd think you could just measure it off with a ruler or yardstick and then paint in the squares with a straight edge of some sort. How clever!!

Desert Rose said...

My vote is for the door at the bottom if your door is longer vertically.

I believe the top door pattern would look best on a small door or a door that is longer horizontally.

Clarissa said...

I am drawn to the door on top. But, then again, it depends on the door. If it is narrow, the one on the top would look best.

The table idea looks like so much fun!