Saturday, March 14, 2009

I've always wished for a pantry like this.

Or this.

You get the picture.

But, alas, this is what I have instead.

So, in the spirit of working with what you have, I got busy cleaning and reorganizing the small space to take full advantage of every square inch. Above is before, and this is after.

This was a great kick off to spring break!
This side wall is the "staging area" where I keep a can or two of things I use often.

The larger shelves are for cases or multiples of items I have stockpiled like soups, peanut butter, or home canned items, plus my bulk grains and spices.

My label maker, purchased new for $5 at the thrift store, came in handy for marking my boxes and shelves with the contents.
Now, everything once again has a home, and everything is in it's home, for the moment. There is an ebb and flow with the pantry, since the contents change according to sales and deals and the seasons of the year, so I'm willing to be flexible.

I want to find a quote to paint on the shelves, so when I enter, I'm inspired and encouraged. I'd love suggestions and it'd be great if Manuela could come to Oklahoma and paint it for me. ;-)


the pleasures of homemaking said...

I would if I could! But it's so easy you can really do it yourself!
You did a great job organizing your pantry! You know, it's easy to add those scallops from the first picture to your shelves. You don't even need scrapbook paper if you don't have any. Newsprint looks really good!


Brenda said...

Your pantry almost looks like my before and after. I tackled mine back in Jan.
Thanks for stopping by our Hands & Hearts For Him blog. Frugal tips are always welcome!
God bless

Rhonda in OK said...

Your pantry is certainly big and well-stocked though!

Anonymous said...

Be blessed that you have a pantry! I would love to have one some day. I have a tiny little kitchen (and I love to cook and spend all my time there), without a pantry, so we make do. Maybe when the house is paid off, we will do a little renovating. :)


Desert Rose said...

Great job on the pantry. It looks very organized and neat. I bet you found things that you forgot you had, huh?

How inspiring! I have the top of my fridge organized so spaces are a little more functional now. I do believe it is time to wipe down my beverage cabinet. How a closed sugar container leaks I'll never know. All I can say is, "children!"

Mrspsycho said...

Wow! What a nice pantry! I'd love to have that much room! You did a great job organizing! You inspire me!