Saturday, January 31, 2009

To prep for college or not? THAT is the homeschool question...

There's been some discussion on our e~loop about whether schooling to prep for college is necessary. Someone made a comment about "children knowing they are not college bound."

Remember, neither we nor our children knows what the future holds. Our children may not think they are college bound, but we don't know (and they don't either) all the glorious plans God has for their futures. We should prepare them AS IF they are going, so that they will be ready for anything.

Any coach will tell you that, whether you are hitting a tennis ball, golf ball, or baseball, you have to have the right follow~through to your swing. It's not just about hitting the ball, but about letting the raquet, club, or bat follow~through to the end of the swing. That's part of what makes the ball go where it is intended.

It is the same with our little arrows, our children. We have to have the follow~through for them to go where intended.

((hugs and smiles)) JMHO

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