Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cozy sweaters and cough drops...

We ended up needing these two comfort items this week, as two in the household are nursing sore throats and it's still chilly outside. Since we're trapped indoors, we're getting alot of school work done, including reading Uncle Tom's Cabin for our Lit. class. It's a hard read for me because of the racial issues, but overall I'm enjoying the book and so is dd.
I'm glad I stocked up on cough drops when Walgreens had the Halls on sale for $.99 a few weeks back. They have them on sale again this week, so with the BOGO coupons, you get two bags for next to nothing. Be sure and give the manufacturer's coupon first, then the Walgreens coupon, for the biggest savings.
We've also been enjoying the Waltons Complete Second Season DVDs we purchased just after Christmas, using a gift card and some Border's Rewards earned from doing E-Rewards surveys. You can sign up here. I just transfered another $15 in rewards to my Border's Rewards account, so we'll be purchasing Season Four as soon as we have the money saved up, and of course, when we get a coupon or sale at Borders! Gotta love cheap, wholesome video for the whole family!

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Kristi said...

It's so funny how each Walgreen's is different. If I give them the mc first then the Wag's coupon will beep but if I reverse it everything goes just fine.